Bird Watching

There are many good locations to view the birds in Gambia, here are some of the most popular. Use a trained bird guide to get the most out of your day.

Kotu Creek Bicycle Track

Pied king fisher, blue bellied roller, pied crow, herons, whistling duck, senegal parrot, rose ringed parakeets, painted snipe, black crake, little bee eater and the African Jacana.

Abuko Nature Reserve

Giant kingfisher, black crowned night heron, paradise fly catcher, yellow growned genolek, babblers, yellow breasted apalist, green turaco, violet turaco and the hooded vulture.


Brufut Wood and Tanji Bird Reserve

Verreaux's eagle owl, stone partridge, double spurred francolin, ahanta francolin, beautiful sun bird, variable sun bird, scarlet chested sunbird, pin tailed whydah, fine spotted wood pecker, greater honey guides and swallow tailed bee eater.

Yundum Woods

Short toed eagle, black kites, lizard buzzard, shikra, black wood hoopoe, green wood hoopoe, woodland kingfisher, stripe king fisher, African pigmy king fisher, browned back wood pecker, pied winged swallow and the cuckoos, brubru shrikes, black headed bush shrikes.

Pirang Ponds 

Black crowned crane, black egret, purple heron, hamerkop, pink backed pelican, long tailed cormorant, western reef heron, African spoonbilled, lesser flamingo, greater flamingo, yellow billed stork, quail finch, red chested swallow.

Farraba Bantang Bush Track

Bateleur eagle, browned snake eagle, black shouldered kite, grasshopper buzzard, long crested eagle, African harrier hawk, gabar goshawk, dark chanting goshawk, white crested helmet shrike, northern puffback, senegal batis, fork tailed drongo, white faced scops, owl, African scops owl. 

Tendaba Creek 

Pel's fishing owl, blue fly catcher, mouse browned sun bird, bat hawk, malachite kingfisher, senegal thick knee, African finfoot

Tendaba Airport Area

African fish eagle, abyssian ground horn billed, crested lark, singing bush lark, plain backed pyeit and the night jars

Kiag West National Park & Batalin Bush track

Tawney flanked prinia, yellow penduline tit. northern crombec, white shouldered black tit, yellow white eye, brown rump bunting, house bunting, vitelline masked weaver, brown necked parrot, white fronted blacktit, African grey hornbill, spotted thick knee

Kaur Wetland

Egyption plover, painted snipe, common moorhen, black crake purple swamphen, collared prantincole, white wagtail, grey wagtail.

George Town 

Namagua dove, bruce's green pigeon, long tailed glossy starling, peal spotted owlet, european bee eater, blue checked bee eater, splendid glossy starling, violet back starling, yellow billed oxpecker.


Exclamatory paradise whydah, village indigo bird, lavender waxbilled, black rump waxbill, orange checked waxbill, bar breasted firefinch, Northern carmine bee eater.

Brikama BA Area 

Marabout stork, wolly necked stork, white stork, black stork, ruppell's griffon vulture, lappet faced vulture, little green bee eater. 

Marakissa Woods 

Western banded snake eagle, lesser honey guide, african Darter, dwarf bittern, common wattle eye, green backed eremomola, african golden oriol, mottle spinetail, levaillant's cuckoo, klaas's cuckoo, diederik cuckoo.

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Caspian Tern 


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